Design Philosophy

Pedestal is the ideal combination of simplicity, functionality and aesthetic excellence added a playful touch. Creating honest, versatile and functional designs, we find great inspiration in the industrial idiom of the twentieth century. Rather than trying to hide the construction of our designs, we make it visible and use it as a conscious aesthetic feature.

The functionality thus appears as an intended part of the design, where the contrast between functionality and the organically adapted forms creates an elegant visual manifestation. In our designs, we combine materials, proportions and simple details to make TV screens and stands adapt naturally into contemporary homes.

We constantly challenge ourselves, and we consistently question the legitimacy and design of a given element. What function does the item have? Why is it designed? These kinds of questions help us ensure that we always make conscious
and considered design choices. At Pedestal, we never consider our design task as complete. Development, immersion and optimization are the basic elements of our design philosophy.