Low TV stands

The low TV tripods are between 75 and 87 centimetres high, and lift the TV about 24 centimetres off the flooring, depending on the size of the screen. A low variant such as Straight Low Stand differs from the high models, in that it is designed to be placed on shelving. In that way the television becomes a naturally integrated element, and does not take up unnecessary space, while it merges in with the rest of the furnishings.

When the screen is placed on a TV tripod, new options open up, making completely new arrangements possible in the room. The low TV tripods make it possible to place the screen in shelves or directly on the floor.  Because they are mobile, the tripods make it possible to move the screen as required, so it can be adapted to different situations in daily life. Explore our range of TV tripods, which are also available in tall versions. 

Furnishing with a TV tripod

When you place your television on a TV tripod you will see a lot of new possibilities for how you arrange your room. This is because the television can now be placed at different points in the room and moved as the need arises. Then you will also find that the rest of your furniture can be used in new and different ways, and that the room gains new functions. The sofa, for example, can be placed along the wall where the screen used to hang. A TV tripod allows you to place the screen in the middle of the room, and in that way divide off different sections in a calm and harmonious arrangement. You can emphasize the division into sections by using carpets, which at the same time will make it cosy, with good acoustics. You can see all our TV tripods right here, and be inspired by the ways they can contribute to your arrangements.


Tall and low TV tripods

On this page you can look through our range of tall and low TV tripods in simple, timeless designs. Our low TV tripods are developed with functionality in mind. This means that some of our designs tilt slightly backwards, so that the screen is at a slight angle, giving the viewer the best possible conditions for a good viewing angle. Apart from this, our low TV tripods are different from the tall ones because they are flexible in the furnishing scheme. The Straight Low Stand design is 76 centimetres high, and developed to be placed on shelves, where it naturally integrates the screen and adapts to the rest of the home furnishings. Whether you are looking for tall or low TV tripods, you can find inspiration here for ways to arrange your living room, bedroom or kitchen when you place the television on a tripod.

TV tripods for different screen brands

Our TV tripods are developed to support most television brands. Whether your television is from Philips, LG, Samsung, Sony, or a completely different make, you can assume that our TV tripods will fit. The floor tripods in our range are developed to carry screens from 40” right up to 70”. How the screen is positioned and appears on the TV tripod will depend on the size of the screen and the position of the mounting holes on the back of the TV. It also depends whether the floor tripod you choose is a high or low model, as this affects the distance between the lower edge of the screen and the floor. Whatever you choose, and whether you decide that a tall or a low TV floor stand suits your needs and your taste, you will find our entire product range right here.


Simple, timeless TV tripods

You can find TV tripods from Pedestal that stand out, and tripods that merge in with the rest of your furnishings. Our TV tripods are simple, functional and timeless, which means they fit in with any style of home, whether classic or more modern. Among the simplest designs in our range, you will find tall and low models like Linked Low and Linked Tall. Characteristic for the design are the slanting legs and distinctive flattened feet, which give the tripod its light, elegant look. At the same time, the visible bolts and the joint between the feet and legs give the tripod its down-to-earth expression. Linked Low and Linked Tall are different from the A-frame Stand, which has a characteristic A-shape that gives it a striking, sculptural look. Go exploring in our product range, and be inspired by our different designs.