"Move your screen,
not your furniture"


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Do not let your TV screen determine how to style your home. Instead, let the styling of your home determine where you place your TV. When deciding to mount the TV to the wall, the rest of the interior styling is often locked around the TV. But by placing the screen on a TV stand from Pedestal endless styling possibilities occur.

The TV stand turns your TV into a contemporary furniture. Stands from Pedestal give you the possibility to try out different colour combinations and placements of your TV. Place the TV in front of windows, radiators, in the middle of the room or in the corner and move it easily if new needs occur. The possibilities are endless and are determined only by your personal styling preferences.

Explore our range of TV stands and accessories and find the solution that fits you.

"Beautifully functional,
functionally beautiful."

Sounds good, right?"

Inlays & Shelves

Give your TV stand a personal touch by adding wooden inlays into the feet of the stand. Crafted from solid ash, Inlay makes a soft contrast to the sturdy steel construction of the Pedestal stands.

Depending on your needs, add our Soundbar Bracket or Shelf and use it to display favorite objects or storage the remote control, game console or similar. Shelf is designed exclusively for Bendy Tall and Straight Tall.

Get inspired by our range of accessories and different ways to give your TV stand a personal touch.

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