Lene Roenfeldt

6 Quick Questions

Lene Roenfeldt

Six questions for interior stylist Lene Rønfeldt on dynamic spaces, family values and contemporary aesthetics

When televisions first appeared in homes, they were big and bulky, taking up as much space as an entire sideboard. The technology has evolved a great deal since then. Today, TVs have slimmed down to just a couple of centimetres in thickness and no longer stand on the floor, but hang on the wall. Not only does this change how we furnish our rooms, it also changes our family dynamics. We asked interior stylist Lene Rønfeldt six questions about dynamic spaces, family values and contemporary aesthetics in relation to electronics.

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‘The dream is always rooms and spaces where the family can gather or where friends can hang out.’

Pedestal: When you embark on a new interior design project, what is the most important thing you need to know before you actually start furnishing spaces, and what are your biggest inspirations?

I always focus on understanding the family’s underlying needs in relation to how they use the different spaces in their home and how they currently use their rooms, as well as whether they’re satisfied with their current structure. Perhaps they dream of changing their habits or simply changing their family dynamics.

The dream has always been rooms and spaces where the family can gather or where friends can hang out. This is, in fact, the real challenge, because the interior décor needs to be flexible and scalable, depending on the needs of any given occasion.  

I find inspiration all over the place. Things I notice, smart solutions, hotels and my own intuition.

‘There’s often a conflict between aesthetics andfunction… and messy wires. I really hate them.’

Pedestal: In décor magazines, it seems like nobody owns a TV. Why are we so afraid to show the world that we watch TV?

Ha-ha, that’s so true. There are simply parts of the home that are never documented, and maybe it’s because the ‘family alter’ isn’t something you want to show off. I visit a great many locations, homes etc. and I rarely see good TV solutions.

There’s often a conflict between aesthetics and function… and messy wires. I really hate them. Maybe people prefer for it to
look like they don’t relax by binge-watching, even though this has become an integral part of most people’s lives.

A beautiful meal served at the dinner table is much more photogenic.

Pedestal: What matters most in interior design. Form or comfort?

Both. Truly beautiful interior design is when function and aesthetics co-exist in harmony. That is when I succeed as an interior stylist.

Pedestal: Now that the TV hangs on the wall rather than being a prestigious piece of furniture, how has this changed the way we furnish our homes?

Things have changed because we’re all in conflict with ourselves about how to furnish our rooms.

On the one hand, we don’t want the TV to dominate too much, because we would rather create an aesthetically pleasing living room with a dynamic look. On the other hand, we need to plan the layout of all the other furniture so it makes sense in relation to where the TV is located. 

With wall-mounted TVs, there’s no flexibility, because you can’t just cover up the big holes in the wall every time you move the TV.

Pedestal: What happens to the TV’s functionality when it is treated like a proper piece of furniture rather than something that hangs statically on the wall?

It gives you tremendous flexibility to decide just how much your TV should dominate the room. TVs also have more elegant designs now, so maybe they don’t need to be hidden any more. This also encourages a more relaxed interior décor.

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Pedestal: What role does the TV play in your home?

A huge role. Our TV is mounted on the wall, which was the only option for the type of TV we have. And yet, it is still always in the way when I furnish our rooms, unfortunately. 

We love our family room where we watch films, cartoons and series at weekends.