Tilted TV stands

Even large screens can be made to look elegant by placing them low down and tilting them slightly backwards. This makes the screen appear less massive, and at the same time the viewing angle is optimized. A small detail, but highly effective. A tilted TV stand gives the screen an underplayed, exclusive look.

By placing the screen close to the floor and tilting it slightly backwards, a low, tilted TV stand creates the best conditions for a good viewing angle when you are sitting in the sofa, as the tilted effect of the stand is transferred to the screen. The tilted TV stands are made of solid, powder-coated steel for a matt surface and an elegant look, so the stand falls naturally and easily in with the furnishings. You can see the selection of tilted TV stands here.

High, low and tilted TV stands

Our product range includes low, tall and tilted TV stands. The special feature of the tilted TV stand is that it is bent slightly backwards, so that the screen is at a slight angle when it is mounted on the stand. This is a small detail, but it has a large effect. Tilting the screen improves the viewing angle, so that the conditions for the eyes are improved. Our Tilted Stand is available in five different colours: Charcoal, Mushroom, Snow, Forest Green and Dusty Rose. Tilted Stand is a low TV stand at an angle, which lifts a 50” screen about 24 centimetres above the floor. The stand can hold screens up to 70”, and is made of solid steel with a matt, powder-coated surface for a simple, timeless look. On this page you can explore our product range, which includes tall, low and tilted TV stands in timeless designs.


Divide the room with a TV stand

Whether your living room is large or small, it may be a good idea to divide the space into different zones, creating several rooms within the room. Among other things you can do it with colour on the walls, carpets, or with a TV stand. With a TV stand it is easy to place the TV in the middle of the room, and you are not dependent on having to place it against a wall. Our tilted TV stand is designed to be placed on the floor, and the slightly backward-tilted posture tips the screen backwards at the best possible viewing angle. By placing your television on a tilted TV stand in the centre of the room, you divide off the sofa section and create balance in the arrangement, while at the same time you are able to make use of every corner of your home. Go exploring in our range of tilted TV stands in different colours.

Pedestal’s tilted TV stands

Just like the dining table, the television is one of the meeting points in the home. It is important, therefore, to place it in surroundings where people are comfortable and want to spend their time. Our vision at Pedestal is to make the television an integrated part of the furnishings, where it neither steals the focus nor merges into the wallpaper. We have developed a series of high, low and tilted TV stands, which are equally functional and aesthetic, and which make it especially enjoyable to gather in the sofa in front of the television. Our tall TV stands are designed to be just the right height when the screen is watched from a sitting position, while some of our low, tilted TV stands are tilted slightly backwards, to give the same good viewing angle. Thus functionality and comfort have been built into all our designs, and so have the timeless, straightforward visual impressions, which make the television a pleasure to behold in the home furnishings.


Simple tilted TV stand

Tilted Stand is a plain, timeless design, and it is the name of our TV stand with a slight tilt, which tilts the screen slightly backwards. Like our other stands, Tilted Stand is made of solid powder coated steel, which gives it a matt surface and an elegant visual expression that fits both into classic and modern furnishing styles. The solid steel construction of the tilted TV stand means it is robust and stable, and ensures that it can carry screens from 40” up to 70”.  Check out our range of different TV stands and find inspiration in the many ways a tilted TV stand can make a screen stylish and elegant. You will also find a wide selection of other high and low TV stands in our range.