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In addition to being timeless and aesthetic designs, all our products have been developed with functionality in mind. Our range of products comprises a selection of mounts and holders for peripherals to your flatscreen TV. Organize and hide cables, your game console or TV box or even headphones and remotes on the stand behind the screen with our simple and functional brackets.

Our organizing accessories include functional brackets and boxes for mounting or storing peripherals such as remotes. They increase the functionality of your TV stand and keep the surrounding are tidy. With our brackets, your game console or TV box are always securely mounted on the stand behind the screen, and even cables, game controllers and headphones find a well-organized hiding place there. Our organizers fit most of our TV stands, including Straight Tall, Straight Low, Bendy Tall, Bendy Low and A-Frame.


Functional brackets for TV stands

At Pedestal, we have an ambition to offer a wide range of TV stands and accessory solutions that function as functional and aesthetic additions to our stands. In our range, you will therefore find two functional brackets, which help to enhance the overall aesthetic expression of the TV. One of the two new additions is Box Mount, which ensures that there is always a fixed and integrated space for your game console or TV box. By mounting your TV gear to the stand, you avoid it ending up on the floor next to the TV. Cable Mount is a simple solution that makes it possible to hide and organize meters of TV cable, thus avoiding having the many meters being a mess behind the screen.


Accessories for TV stands

In addition to TV stands, our product selection includes a wide variation of shelves, wooden inlays and soundbar brackets in different colors, which means that you can add personal details to your stand to make it fit into your home decor. The latest addition to the range includes accessories designed to organize and hide the TV wires, game console and TV box on the stand behind the screen. All our products contribute in their own way to complete the visual expression and functionality of our TV stands. Explore our wide range of accessories for TV stands and experience, among other things, our latest accessories, which make it easy to organize and hide TV cables.