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Be inspired by the latest designs, the newest colours and our most innovative functionalities up to now. Pedestal regularly launches new floor tripods for televisions in up-to-date and timeless designs, to go with the latest developments in TV flat screens and accessories.

Developing new tripods for televisions is a dynamic process, and Pedestal launches stylish, timeless products and practical, functional solutions. Our tripods for televisions support screens from 40” to 70” and are compatible with Samsung, Philips, LG, Siemens, Sony and many others. Keep an eye open for the latest news within tripods for televisions and accessories here.

A floor tripod for the television makes the screen stylish

Today, a TV screen is a natural and indispensable item in many homes. It is our vision, therefore, to give the screen a lift, and make it stylish and elegant with a wide range of timeless tripods in simple designs for televisions. By taking the TV screen down from its fixed place on the wall, and fitting it on a floor tripod instead, the screen becomes an active and natural part of the furnishings in the room. Our tripods for televisions are simple, elegant and timeless. Our top priority in our products is quality. That is why we make our tripods in solid steel, which means they are robust and can carry screens up to 70”. The tripods have a powder-coated finish with a matt surface, which underlines the timeless expression of the design. Explore our range of tripods for televisions and be inspired by all the possibilities that open up when the screen is placed on a TV stand.


New tripods for TV sets

Be inspired by the latest designs and newest colours in our range of tripods for TV sets. We develop and create new designs all the time, in line with the new furnishing trends of the moment. At the same time, we ensure that our designs always match the latest developments in TV flat screens and accessories. Our tripods for TV sets are designed with a number of functionalities. Each tripod is delivered with a broad Velcro strip that can be used to attach a TV box and games console to the back of the tripod. The strip can be used at the same time to organize cables from the electronic equipment. Keep up to date with the latest developments here, and be inspired by the new colours, designs and functional solutions as we introduce them, adding to the existing range of tripods for TV sets.

Specially designed accessories for television tripods

In our range you will find a wide choice of TV tripods and various accessory solutions to make your television an integrated part of the living room furnishings. Our TV tripods come in a number of different designs, colours and sizes, and on all of them you can add a selection of special solutions such as steel shelves, inlays for the feet or mounts for a sound bar. When you add accessories to your tripod, you ensure that your TV setup is adapted to your particular requirements for storing a games console or other electronic equipment. All our stands are designed with practical magnets, which are used to conceal and organize the cables for the screen along the back of the tripod legs. Then your TV setup looks neat instead of untidy and disorganized. Check out our selection of TV tripods and specially designed accessories here.


TV tripods from Pedestal

Pedestal’s range of TV tripods is under constant development. The first collection of tripods is called Mainline and includes seven different stands, which are designed to fit the great majority of televisions sold. Mainline products feature clean lines and simplicity, which set the style for Pedestal. All TV tripods are made of solid powder coated steel with a matt finish and visible bolts to give a raw and industrial appearance but keep the simplicity. The solid steel construction means the stands are robust and stable, underlining the focus on lasting quality, which is the central theme as we develop new products. The TV tripods in our first collection are simple and timeless, and you can see them all here.